Rhode Island Partnership for Family Connections


The Rhode Island Partnership for Family Connections is a partnership of organizations devoted to supporting kinship caregivers.

This site is run by the Grand Divas, a group of “mature” female caretakers who are raising young family members who are not their birth children.



RI Kinship Navigator Revamps Search on Website
Posted on: 12/07/2011

The Rhode Island Partnership for Family Connectors RI Kinship Navigator website was recently revamped to better handle the numerous resources…
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Support from someone who has been there is just a phone call away. Call 401-780-2255

or Ileana Valentin-Lopez at 401-781-3669  

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En nuestra cultura los niños que no pueden vivir con sus padres biológicos, muchas veces son criados por otros miembros de sus familias.  Este cuidado se llama “kinship care.”

Si estas proveyendo “kinship care” y  necesitas ayuda o información, por favor llama a las siguiente agencias:

Casey Family Services
(401) 781-3669

Grand Divas
(401) 780-2255

RI Foster Parents Association
(401) 438-3900

Urban League of Rhode Island
(401) 351-5000

Family Resources Community Action
(401) 766-0900

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